WebGalileo to open-source its popular “WebGalileo Faces” JSF components

11-July-2007, Miami, Florida

In a major breakthrough, two of the leading software companies: JSCAPE and SoftAspects have today announced to open source their popular JSF components, the WebGalileo Faces©. Reportedly they are planning to release these JSF components under the Apache License.

According to their press release, this effort of making open-source the product will expand their user by providing paid commercial support options to the users of WebGaleleo Faces.

Presently JSF is being used extensively to develop enterprise applications and web portals. Many vendors including Sun, Apache, Oracle have been providing their own implementations with certain new features and promises. The prime feature of WebGalileo Faces© is its Ajax-enabled JSF component widely used in the development of enterprise application irrespective of size. Also it gives a better option to developers in creating UI components within a very less period of time compared to others. Hence the use of WebGalileo Faces© makes the whole developing process faster with less error.  

Features of WebGalileo Faces© components:

  • It include containers, panels, dual lists, menus, date and time components, and a flow chart component.
  • Built-in support for several IDE including Sun Java Studio CreatorTM, IBM Rational Application DeveloperTM, Oracle JDeveloperTM and EclipseTM.

The open source version of WebGalileo Faces©  can be downloaded from http://www.javawebcomponents.com/index.html.

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