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Java Technology has completely changed the way we look at our personal computers, Internet, mobile devices and numerous technological advancements around the globe. Today it is one of the most pervasive technologies in the world that seems ubiquitous in all other related developments. In a sense Java is now in our daily needs whether we are a consumer, a developer or even an enterprise owner.

Keeping in mind the latest developments, role of the technology and being forerunner online java resource providers we feel the need to provide the readers a comprehensive monthly free newsletter that treasures Java innovations.

“Java Jazz Up” as the name suggests is an attempt to add something extra that will certainly excite you to explore new things in Java and at the same time bringing liveliness to your knowledge.

August 2008 Issue
•  Introduction to JavaFX Technology
•  Releases of JavaFX
•  Features and Benefits
•  JavaFX Produts (Implementation)
•  JavaFX Scripts
•  JavaFX Mobile
•  Competition between adobe, Microsoft and Sun Microsystem
•  System Requirements
•  Software Needed
•  Introduction to JavaFX API
•  Creating User Interfaces in JavaFX
•  Working with JavaFX Classes and Objects
•  Developing “Hello World Example” in JavaFX
•  Advanced Examples to JavaFX
•  Advertise with Us
•  Valued JavaJazzup Readers Community
• Portlets and Direct Web Remoting
• Java Generics
• JPA in combination with EJB3 is declining the DAO popularity
• WebGalileo to open-source JSF Components
• AnthrillPro 3.3.0 Released
• JSF,Spring and Hibernate Integration Tutorial Released
• Struts 2 Tags with Example