WTP 2.0 Release

Some of the new features of Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) 2.0 are released with the arrival of Europa. These are:

Java EE, JSF, and JSP Tools - The new functionalities and improvements of new JavaServer Faces component have been introduced.

JPA Tools - Some of the new project configurations have been added.

Server Tools - You will now be able to create a server at the run time with help of this feature.

Web Services and WSDL Tools - The Axis2 version 1.2 Web services runtime is now supported by Web services tools. 

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Tools - Now it has become easier to find the align end bracket preference in the HTML Source preference page. 

XML, XML Schema and DTD Tools - Users can now find the matching style by clicking within the Sample text as those of the Java and C/C++ editors.

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