Quick Review:Ajax
Ajax - An Introduction

Ajax-an introduction

Developing web application has now been a cup of coffee for developers having the knowledge of Ajax –a technology that was not so easy and hence not popular earlier- now one of the most frequently used technologies. Web application nowadays, as one of the basic needs in terms of fulfilling a small necessity or even more advanced form in the world of Internet, is undoubtedly the best way to convey any message and creation to the world over. Compared to the older generation of Internet the new technologies in the WWW has made it a hassle free work for developers in developing a more interactive, responsive and dynamic site and this has become possible because
of Ajax.

Ajax plays a major role in developing fast, interactive, dynamic and responsive site and can run on various operating systems, computer architectures and browsers. Its asynchronous characteristics have made it popular among the users to develop their site using Ajax. ‘Rich Internet Application’ and ‘Web 2.0’ usually use this application tool to make site more interactive. The above two web technologies (RIA, Web 2.0) are being used these days to develop popular web trends, ‘Social Networking Sites (Orkut, Facebook, MySpace, Ibibo), wikies (Wikipedia) and multimedia
content sharing sites (YouTube, Megaupload). Here, surfers/ viewers will able to access ‘the complete’ Ajax information. This article is suitable both for beginners and experts.

Ajax sometimes also called the blend of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is a speedy and quickresponsive way of programming that makes user stress-free. In Ajax, the data, content, and design are merged together to display a perfect picture of programming. It is usually used in new trends of web technologies wikies and content sharing sites.
History in brief Ajax is only a name that not only reflects any function of the programming but facilitate user works with a pre-existing set of tools to develop the website. Before commencing the name ‘Ajax’, it was being used as a name of XMLHTTTP in the programming that was inspired by the earlier one with a nearby similar concept XMLhttpRequest.

In the earlier version of Internet Explorer (up to 4.0), a class XMLHttpRequest had been used in JavaScript to make IE browser that was later implemented in the modified form by various web masters to make their own web applications. Google has contributed most to its prominence by implementing XMLHTTP in Gmail and GoogleMaps in 2005.

But the true popularity bursts when XMLHTTP has got its present name ‘Ajax’. The ‘term’ was first used at February 18, 2005 in the web world by Jesse James Garret in his essay called “Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications”. Later on, this technology was immensely used by web companies in developing various technologies like Rich Internet Application, Web 2.0 that were further used to make commonly known websites - ‘social networking’ and ‘wikies’.

Why to use Ajax?

Before interacting to Ajax, let’s know first about ‘why should we use Ajax despite of having so many programming tools to develop a web application or site?’ The reason is simple but strong.

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