Sentilla Puts Java on Chips
Sentilla Corp. introduced a software suite for java applications to run on low-power microprocessors embedded on devices. Users can wirelessly manage those applications using the platform. Joe Polastre, chief technology officer and co-founder of Sentilla, said “It overcomes challenges on running Java in tiny devices with small memory by squeezing a full Java environment into microprocessors. The platform uses memory management and storage on a device to swap Java code in and out of memory as needed. That allows the platform to use large applications without draining resources”. Currently it works with Texas Instruments Inc.’s MSP430 microprocessor, a 16-bit RISC processor but in future more microprocessors will support it.

Apache Geronimo Passes J2EE Test Kit
The Apache Software Foundation’s Geronimo 1.0-M5, open source J2EE application server,has passed Sun Microsystem’s the J2EE 1.4.1 test compatibility kit, or TCK. It was announced during a “birds of a feather” presentation at the recent JavaOne show in San Francisco. Geronimo provides support for Web, EJB, JMS and EIS applications, combined with enterprise grade configuration and management. “People shouldn’t think of Geronimo as just another J2EE app server, but as the start of a system framework that can be used to build a variety of tailored infrastructure services,” Gluecode’s former CTO, Jeremy Boynes 

BluePhoenix Wins Major Contract to Modernize PowerBuilder Applications to Java for Global Telecommunications Customer

BluePhoenix Solutions announced that it has won a major contract to convert PowerBuilder applications to Java for a global telecommunications company. In this, BluePhoenix’s LanguageMigrator conversion solution will be implemented, which enables organizations to automatically migrate legacy applications to prevailing languages and technologies. PowerBuilder is a 4GL rapid application development environment developed in early 90s. It has been used by thousands of companies but still many companies want to migrate their PowerBuilder applications to Java. 


This is because of growing maintenance cost, functionality limitations, and fewer PowerBuilder programmers. ”Our customer’s changing business requirements dictates a move to a modern platform and  our automatic migration solution supports their strategic direction to consolidate on Java,” said Arik Kilman, CEO of BluePhoenix. “Our LanguageMigrator solution along with our proven migration methodology enables us to guarantee results while minimizing risk and disruption to current operations.” 

Sun starts bidding adieu to mobile-specific Java
Java Standard Edition (SE) for desktop computers will gradually replace Java Micro Edition (ME) as technology improvements let more computing power be packed into smaller devices, said James Gosling, the Sun vice president and known as the title “father of Java”. ”We’re trying to converge everything to the Java SE specification. Cell phones and TV settop boxes are growing up,” Gosling said at a Java media event here Wednesday. “That convergence is going to take years.”


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