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Open Source web services tool in java

1. Apache Axis:
About Axis: Apache Axis is an implementation of the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).

2. WSIF:
About WSIF:
The Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF) is a simple Java API for invoking Web services, no
matter how or where the services are provided.

3. Metro:
About Metro:
Metro is a high-performance, extensible, easy-to-use web service stack. It is a one-stop shop for all your web service needs, from the simplest hello world web service to reliable, secured, and transacted web service that involves .NET services.

4. Crispy :
About Crispy:
CRISPY = Communication per Remote Invocation for different kinds of Services via ProxYs. The intention for this project is a very simple API to call different kinds of services (provider/ technology). Crispy’s aims is to provide a single point of entry for remote invocation for a wide number of transports: eg. RMI, EJB, JAX-RPC or XML-RPC. It works by using properties to configure a service manager, which is then used to invoke the remote API. Crispy is a simple Java codebase with an API that sits between your client code and the services your code must access. It provides a layer of abstraction to decouple client code from access to a service, as well as its location and underlying implementation. The special on this idea is, that these calls are simple Java object calls (remote or local calls are transparent).

5. Apache Scout:
About Apache Scout:
Apache Scout is an implementation of the JSR 93 - JavaTM API for XML Registries 1.0 (JAXR).

6. Apache Axis2:
About Apache Axis2:
Axis2 is Apache’s Web services framework with two implementations Apache Axis2/Java and Apache Axis2/C. As discussed earlier Web services are very good means of inter application communication. This communication is possible with the help of XML. SOAP protocol defines the schema for a message to be sent when using web services. SOAP engine is required to create and interpret SOAP messages. AXIS2 is such a SOAP engine.

7. Xfire:
About Xfire:
Codehaus XFire is a next-generation java SOAP framework. Codehaus XFire makes service oriented development approachable through its easy to use API and support for standards. It is also highly performant since it is built on a low memory StAX based model.

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