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Open Source web services tool in java

Rob Sarkis, CompuSystems’ CIO and VP of Information Technology said, ‘Association clients today are more sophisticated in the way they collect and use data. Integrating systems allows faster membership file updating and a more efficient registration process; web services enables that in real time.’

Paul McCaffray, CompuSystems’ Executive VP and COO said, ‘Web services has provided the ability to leverage the collective data, eliminate duplicate data entry, and deliver a truly integrated registration service.’

2. VisualCV Inc. creating an online multimedia resume portal service:

VisualCV Inc. is creating an online multimedia resume portal service utilizing cloud computing from

According to Scott Herman, VP of product management at VisualCV, job seekers can also add audio, video clips and links to Word, PDF, and PowerPoint files. VisualCV is using Intridea Inc’s MediaPlug on-demand service, which allows developers to use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to transcode and store complex media files.

“The reason we built it with Ruby on Rails is we wanted to have the very strong Ajax interaction,” Herman said. “It’s not just that the users create and own all the content. It really is a portal builder for a non-technical user. So we really had to have our act together in terms of how the user interface works with very heavy Ajax.”

3. Amazon Web Services Premium Support offering technical assistance for customers of S3, EC2 and SQS:

New support program from Amazon is offering technical assistance for customers of Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS).

Amazon’s Silver premium support plan is offering businesses a response time of four hours to two business days and is also providing access to an unlimited number of support cases.

The Gold premium support plan is offering Silver Premium Support Plan along with around-theclock phone support and one-hour response time for urgent matters.

The customer when signing up to the account can select AWS Premium Support.

4. SOA for pets also not just for humans:

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is not just for humans any more. VetSource Inc. has developed an SOA e-commerce application that provides veterinary prescriptions at home.

According to Craig Sutter, the technical director at VetSource, ‘With the new service veterinary hospitals can set up their own website where pet owners can order medications directly once they have a prescription from their veterinarian’.

RESTful e-commerce applications (in Java) use MuleSource Inc’s ESB (enterprise service bus) technology for the information from a MySQL. The SOA implementation also uses the Apache Web Server. VetSource also has an Ajax-based dashboard that provides sales and other business data.

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