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15. IBM’s QEDWiki

QEDWiki is one of the most capable mashup tool. QEDWiki is a browser-based tool to create mashups. QEDWiki is a lightweight mashup maker written in PHP 5 and hosted on a LAMP, WAMP, or MAMP stack. It provides several benefits to the different type of users like "Mashup assemblers", "Content providers", "Mashup enablers", "Mashup maker administrators". Benefits to Mashup assemblers are:"simplicity of virtual workspace construction", "ease of situational application development", "rich user experience", "freeform data input with revision tracking" etc.

Benefits to Content providers are: "simple content sharing", "detailed access control", "quick, DIY content aggregation" etc. Benefits to Mashup enablers are: "encapsulation and invocation of external services", "viral application development and deployment", "extensibility", "ability to import or stream external data sources", "lower programmer skill required", "increased productivity" etc. Benefits to Mashup maker administrators are: "an enabler for SaaS repository consumption", "ease of installation", "minimal start-up cost for infrastructure" etc.

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