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July 2008 Volume II Issue I

" Learning new technologies demands individuals to work together to construct shared understandings and knowledge. "

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Dear Readers,

First of all, we would like to heartily thanks to all our readers for giving so much positive response to us. For enhancing and updating your knowledge, we are bringing a special web tools ‘Mashup' tools in this July 2008 edition. This July edition is specially designed to enlighten you about the fundamentals of Mashup tools, which is used for creating video and photo, search and shopping, mapping and news websites. In the special ‘Mashup' issue, we have described all the Mashup tools used in the web like BEA Aqualogic pages, Aptar, Dapper, Extensio, RSSBus, Microsoft Popfly, Denodo, SnapLogic 2.0, JackBe's Presto, Proto, Yahoo Pipes, Kapow, WSO2, StrikeIron SOA Express and IBM's QEDWiki etc. Besides these, we have also covered the problems that programmers usually face during developing Mashup tool. In the new breed of web app, we have covered web protocol and screen scraping and component challenges. We hope that this new edition will provide you adequate knowledge of Mashup tools. Mahup tools are being extremely popular and crucial web development tools in the present web world. We have also included a page of IBM's ‘Mashup: The new breed of web apps' in our popular Java magazine and for this, we are highly grateful to IBM team members for granting us permission. Like earlier editions, we have categorized the whole topics in sections and each section is decorated with different colors and images that would certainly lure readers while reading technological stuffs. This will create interest in readers and users for learning it easily. We are also providing our online Java Jazzup magazine in PDF format that you can view and even download it as a whole or a part. This PDF version provides you a different experience. Please send us your valuable feedback about this issue and participate in the reader's forum with your problems and issues concerned with the topics you want us to include in our next issues.

Deepak Kumar
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