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Mashup Tools

Mashup Tools

In the mashup space, there are many tools that can be used to create mashups, like Yahoo pipes or Dapper. This section provides list of some Mashup tools as well as mashups that can be used as general-purpose tools.

1. BEA’s Aqualogic Pages

BEA AquaLogic Pages is one of the end-user mashup tools that helps the user creating web pages, blogs and powerful data driven web applications using drag and drop components. AqualLogic Pages offers many key capabilities like "In-place editing", "Data management","DataSpaces", "LiveSpaces", "Page-building components", "Component connecting", "Page linking" etc. AqualLogic Pages provides benefits like "Everyday users become active creators", "IT distributes the burden of Web building to participants", "Avoid inefficiencies associated with using email and documents for everything", "Use the Web to solve urgent, situational challenges", "Boost productivity around ad hoc activities", "Apply the power of participation to every corner of your business" etc.

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