05 Java News| Testing and optimizing Java code without test automation for handling oncurrent activities is rather difficult.
12 Introduction to XSL | XSL stands for EXtensible Stylesheet Language. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) started to develop XSL because there was a need for an XML-based Stylesheet Language. Thus it is a language for expressing Stylesheets.
18 JAXP API using DOM Parser |In the previous issue of Java Jazz Up, you have read about the JAXP APIs and learned how an XML document is parsed using the serially access mode (SAX) parser.
24 Struts 1.1|This tutorial provides you a better understanding to develop a robust application using Jakarta Struts Framework.
29 Struts 2 Non-form Tags (UItags) | Hibernate Query Language or HQL for short is extremely powerful query language. HQL is much like SQL and are case-insensitive, except for the names of the Java Classes and properties.
36 Design Pattern | These types of design patterns are used as templates. These design patterns are used in such conditions when we need a parent class having one or more methods to be implemented by their child classes.
38 Visitor Design Pattern | The design pattern provides additional functionality to a class. The Visitor pattern allows us to create an external class to act on data in other classes.
40 Dojo Tutorial| Dojo is an Open Source JavaScript toolkit libraries that provides a simple API(Application Programming Interface) for building the serious applications in less time.
45 Hibernate Query Language|In the previous issue of Javajazzup you learned about Hibernate Query Language and its different kind of clauses. Lets quickly focus on the overview of HQL.
52 Using the Desktop class to launch a URL with default browser in Java | This article describes the new Desktop API, which allows Java applications to interact with the default applications associated with specific file types on the host platform.
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