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However all the above technologies are holder technologies perhaps are “coming of age” and became matured to the point of recommendation. But definitely all these technologies are still useful as OSGi works as
module system behind Eclipse, while Groovy is continuously accepting by the developer with its formal specification and continually improved releases, GWT is already mature and stable, and cloud computing is becoming more and more famous in this growing marketplace.

On the other hand, JCR and cloud computing are the least accepted of these technologies, and vendors are trying to address that, with competitions to spur awareness or active community involvement.

Apache Jackrabbit 1.4 released

Apache Jackrabbit 1.4 is the latest and greatest version of Content Repository for Java Technology API (or JCR in short) conforming that Apache Jackrabbit 1.4 provides the full open source implementation of JCR

JCR is a standard API to access the content repositories in a uniform manner and is specified in JSR 170. A content repository is a hierarchical representation storage media similar to an advanced file system supporting different levels of content structure and granularity. The API provides various functionalities such as browsing, modifying, and searching the content
in full text search in a content repository. Standard allows advanced features like versioning, observation, locking, and XA transactions as optional.

Apache Jackrabbit provides one of the best JCR implementations and was also used as the reference implementation of JSR 170. Apache Jackrabbit 1.4 is a stable and feature-rich content repository aimed having a wide range of content applications including Magnolia,
OpenKM, Hippo, and Mindquarry. Jackrabbit provides implementation for all the mandatory and optional JCR features as well as a number of extensions and related JCR tools.


Apache Jackrabbit is the biggest ever release having 220 new features, improvements and bug fixes on the basis of feedback and contributions from the user community.

Sun Microsystems has agreed to buy MySQL AB for $1B
Sun Microsystems has acceded to buy MySQL AB for $1B, by providing additional leverage in the open source community and also allowing access to MySQL to its larger corporations. The grand question that arises is that: what does this mean in the long term? Sun already offers
a small-scale database as compared to compared to 'large offerings' like Oracle9 and IMS. Is Sun considerably looking for an additional revenue stream from MySQL AB's customers, or shifting away from JavaDB/ Derby?

JVM Lies: The OutOfMemory Myth

The concept "JVM Lies: The OutOfMemory Myth," tells about the happening when a JVM throws an OutOfMemoryError – the developers who have encountered it have noticed, it seems like it's out of memory, but it always doesn't look like it, and throws more RAM at the JVM may help, but that's the wrong solution.

Shades of HotJava: LoboBrowser, a web browser in Java

JavaLobby have introduced a LoboBrowser, a fully Java web browser. Although it is not HotJava, yet it runs JavaScript if memory is available while HotJava did not. It is big deal to develop a workable and installable fully Java
based browser even if it can't render TSS very well. It also includes a rendering engine, Corba that can be used to watch DOM of a page even after JavaScript has been run over it. Integration into IDEs, can be seen to anyone. E.g providing browser support without allowing explicit
browser tie-ins.

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