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Sun Microsystems to buy MySQL AB for $1B

Sun Microsystems has concurred all suggestions complying with the idea, to buy MySQL AB for $1B, just by providing them additional influence in the open source
community and providing access to MySQL to its larger corporations. They are looking forward to close the deal during the third or fourth quarter.

Hybrid Java Profiling - New Profiling Strategies

This new approach of Java profiling merges the advantages of sampling as well as event profiling just to make it easy, extensible, and more influential runtime performance just to monitor the solutions. This helps to scale from development to production. It also simplifies
the way to achieve the high precision accuracy from event profiling having the low overhead of sampling.

Shades of HotJava: LoboBrowser, a web browser in Java

Lobo is being developed actively in order to fulfill the aim to provide the fully support Javascript, HTML 4 and CSS2. LoboBrowser, is not a HotJava but a full-Java web browser that runs JavaScript.

It generally used to produce fast, complete, easy to extend, featured-rich and secure browser. It also works as a interpretation engine, through which we can also watch the DOM of a page even after JavaScript has been
run over it.


Desiderata Releases Jaxcent (Java AJAX) for the Internet

The recent released Jaxcent V2, Jaxcent V2, recently released, furnishes the full Java AJAX Programming capabilities from the server side. It is not mandatory to work with JavaScript, standard servlet containers, but add an include statement to HTML content. A Java class
implements the JavaScript capabilities, while the client-side puts into use the server-side class just to provide the full functional implementation.

DigitalPerson offers fingerprint recognition for Java-based POS terminals

DigitalPerson offers a new fingerprint recognition software for a new generation of point-of-sale terminals, developed in java, enabling POS terminal developers to quickly and easily add accountability and security capabilities. It provides improved profitability of their
customers by enabling employee time-andattendance and anti-theft features.

Sun releases Java SE 6 Update 4

Sun has released Java SE 6 Update 4. This update fixes 370 bugs including several security issues, also fixes several flaws that can result into system crashes. It includes JAX-WS 2.1 API in the rt.jar so you no longer you need to copy JAX-WS or JAXB API jars in JAVA_HOME/

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