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Dear Readers,
We are here again with the Java Jazz-up’s second issue. This issue reflects our consistent attempts to avail quality technological updates that enforce the reader to appreciate a lot.

Continuing our journey further from the first release, this edition highlights interesting Java articles and tutorials in well described manner developed by Java Jazz-up developer’s team.
The current release of Java Jazz-up tries to provide new features orienting around developing enterprise level applications that involves issues like Scheduling, Project Object management, achieving IoC, SOA services, etc. Set of tutorials discussing tools like Maven2, Design patterns, JSF framework, SOA web services, Quartz framework, application servers and various complementary open source technologies are provided in such a manner that a novice learns and implements the concepts in very less time.

Java News and update section provides the interesting things happening around the globe that makes the readers aware of the java-technological advancements. There you will also learn about the new features introduced in the existing Java servers, IDEs, tools, utilities along with the Java API updates.

To make it interesting for readers we have categorized each section with different colors with images that lure readers while reading technological stuffs. We are providing it in PDF format that you can view and even download it as a whole or a part. This PDF version provides you with a different experience.

Please send us your feedback about this issue and participate in the reader’s forum with your problems, issues concerned with the topics you want us to include in our next issues.

Java Jazz up

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