Sun patches dangerous Java vulnerabilities

Sun released Java SE 6 Update 2 on 16 July 2007 in the US, which the company said is no longer vulnerable to the flaws, which were highlighted by the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team AusCERT) earlier. Before the release of the atches it was not safe to use the Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit because some vulnerability were discovered in the Sun Java Runtime Environment by the Google’s Security team, that threatened the security of all platforms, rowsers and even mobile devices. Lot of users and organizations could be affected by it as the bug might destroy devices like PCs, PDAs, mobile phones etc.

Masabi: new mobile security package

A lightweight Java security package has been introduced by UK mobile application developer Masabi for mobile phones. Basically the purpose of this launch is to make m-commerce applications more user-friendly and secure.Acording1 to BT, the only application which validates the implementations of RSA and AES encryption is Masabi’s EncryptME Java mobile security component. This technology can run on any cell phone, which is capable to run Java. EncryptME provides friendly interface to the existing


messaging applications. The application provides RSA with PKCS Padding for keys up to 4,096 bits, AES with keys up to 256 bits. Using a single SMS message, or a few bytes of GPRS data,EncryptME can set up a secure session and sign up a new user, a new credit card, and make a transaction. You can easily get this software as it is available in many languages; moreover it aims at applications such as mobile banking and transport.

Important Updates for Adobe Flash,Sun’s Java

Adobe and Sun Microsystems have issued updates to fix security problems in their Flash Player and Java applications, respectively. Flash and Java are some of the most widely installed third-party software applications
on the planet, so it’s a fair bet that criminals could soon be targeting these holes to break into vulnerable systems.

XIC 5.1 Data Access Service: Greater

Interoperability Xcalia, a leading provider of dynamic integration software, launched Xcalia Intermediation Core™ (XIC)


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