version 5.1. XIC 5.1 features the new Data Access Service (DAS). It enables the user to access the heterogeneousdata sources based on Java, .NET and web services. Xcalia DAS also leverages the standards specified by the OASIS and Open SOA rganizations (i.e.SDO and DAS). XIC allows the customers to manage their systems towards interoperability in a way that allows them to optimize theinformation resources and applications they already have, and meanwhile, migrate data and applications at their own pace.

iPhone CPU with Native Java Support

The ARM-based CPU has found special features foraccelerating Java code inside the iPhone. Now the chip is likely to be the amsung-made S3C6400 and will support the Jazelle engine. The Jazelle engine reduces the memory use to a fraction needed for execution of the softwares and it uses a virtual engine that juggles multiple Java programs at once without a major drop in
performance. Now the iPhones will easily load softwares to chat and games without requiring more expensive hardware.

Sun/Intel Partnership Targets Telcos

The Sun/Intel alliances are in a potentially lucrative vertical market. The two companies recently announced the availability of Sun’ Solaris operating system on Intelbased telecommunications rack and blade servers. Last month, Sun announced a new line of blade servers available with choice of AMD, Intel or Sun’s own Sparc processors.The systems are carrier grade rack mount servers that are certified Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) Level 3 and European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) compliant, and blades that adhere to the Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (ATCA), spec for next-generation telecommunications equipment.

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