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05 Java Around the Globe
  Sun released Java SE 6 Update 2 on 16 July 2007 in the US, which the company said is no longer vulnerable to the flaws, which were highlighted by the Australian Computer Emergency Response Team AusCERT) earlier.
  Updated Releases
07 ICEsoft Technologies Inc. manages to
provide the developers a wide range of development
and support resources regarding ICEfaces.
  Java Developers Desk
9 Quartz Framework
  Quartz is a fully featured, an open source job
scheduling system that can be integrated with (or used along with) any JSE and JEE applications
  JBoss Application Server
13 It is a natural phenomenon to think about learning and adopting new technologies while there exists some well-established and popular ones.
  JSF- Java Server Faces
15 Using Ajax in Apache MyFaces
  Ajax, or AJAX, is a web development technique used for creating interactive web applications. The intent is to make web pages feel more responsive by exchanging
18 Project Object Management Tool
  Maven 2
  Maven is a high-level, intelligent project management, build and deployment tool provided by Apache’s software foundation group. Maven deals with application development lifecycle management.
  Spring: IoC Features
22 The core of spring is the org.springframework.beans package, designed for working with JavaBeans. This package is not used directly by users, but provides much of the spring functionality.
  Creational Design Pattern
25 Design pattern includes creational, structural, and behavioral patterns. But here we are going to cover few of the creational patterns.
  Service Oriented Architecture
28 Service Oriented Architecture or SOA for short is a new architecture for the development of loosely coupled distributed applications. In fact service-oriented architecture is collection of many services in the network.
  Web 2.0
30 A web service is a collection of protocols and standards used for exchanging data between applications over the web. Web services enable applications written with different programming languages supported over varying platforms (different hardware, software, database, or network platforms) to exchange data, very conveniently.
  Tips & Tricks
33 Here are some basic implementations of java language, which you would like to know.
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