MyFaces Trinidad 1.2.1, a JavaServer Faces 1.2 component library based on parts of Oracle’s ADF Faces. Some of the tags eatured: breadcrumbs, navigation panels,panes, and tabbed panels.Trinidad 1.2.1 is available in both binary and source distributions, and is in the central Maven repository under group id “org.apache.myfaces.trinidad”. Trinidad also supports JSF 1.1, with the older 1.0.1 release.

Maven 2.0.7 Released:

The Apache Maven team has recently launched Maven 2.0.7. This is the third maintenance release within 4 months. The Apache Maven team is rapidly approaching the goal of providing maintenance releases on a monthly basis. The 2.0.8 release is scheduled to provide all relevant information about Maven development in one location so users can easily tell what’s happening with Maven at any point in time.

JVM Profiling API (JSR-163) Released:

A new powerful API has been released which has been specified through JSR-163. This new API is JVMTI which has improved profiling interface. It not only includes profiling but monitoring, debugging also and covers the whole range of native in-process tools access. The implementation has a mechanism for byte code instrumentation and includes Java Programming Language Instrumentation Services (JPLIS). This enables analysis tools to add additional profiling only where it is needed. The advantage of this technique is that it allows more focused analysis and limits the interference of the profiling tools on the running JVM. The instrumentation can even be dynamically generated at runtime, as well as at class loading time, and pre-processed as class files.



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