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ICEFaces 1.6 Released: With Seam and JSF 1.2 compatibility

ICEsoft Technologies Inc. manages to provide the developers a wide range of development and support resources regarding ICEfaces. Recently, ICESoft announced the release of ICEFaces 1.6.0, an open source technology which bundles additional JSF components, tools to help integrate with JBoss Seam, compatibility with JSF 1.2 containers, compatibility with Opera, and support for the Liferay Portal, updated IDE support for Eclipse, Netbeans, and JDeveloper. is a place where enterprise Ajax developers can learn, share, and contribute information and ideas to a growing community of ICEfaces nterprise developers. This site provides a wide range of development and support resources to benefit all ICEfaces developers. ICEFaces is an excellent component set for JSF, with the ability to update data on a client as the server determines need and an excellent component set.

JBoss Portal 2.6 Released

Red Hat (Quote) is on a mission to improve the portal experience with the release of its JBoss Portal 2.6, open source portal software. Significant changes have been introduced to the JBoss Portal 2.6. Red Hat aims at making the new release easier to work with the portal.The new release is all about making it easier to work with the portal as Red Hat ramps up its development efforts in the fight for portal supremacy. Some tremendous improvements have been made to the JBoss 2.6 both at developers’ end and to an end user as told by Ram Venkataraman, director of product management JBoss (a division of Red Hat). Features like out of box integration for LDAP, better identity management integration has been added. The Portal is also meant for the end users to interact, it is not alone a developer product.

Azul Systems Released: Next generation Java-based 768 core server

The third-generation Java-based computing appliance has been announced by Azul Systems. This Azul JVM is easily loaded on the conventional server. To execute the compute appliance, the VM bytecode and the application’s Java bytecode gets ported over a standard Ethernet network.


However, using a new deployment model called network attached processing the capacity of the compute appliances can be accessed. Moreover, the Azul JVM has replaced the conventional JVM.

Advantages of this approach are:

• One of the most important advantages is that every JVM while executing on the compute appliance can achieve 10X or greater scalability.

• Multiple applications can be executed simultaneously by the compute appliances therefore a lot of virtual compute capacity is made by them. Each application accesses shared capacity of the compute appliances even though it remains isolated on its own dedicated server.

BEA Workshop 10.1 Released: fully integrates Workshop Studio

The integrated Workshop 10.1 is recently launched. This release merges the old BEA Workshop release with the NitroX M7 acquisition, blending the best of both Eclipse extensions into one release. BEA Workshop for WebLogic 10.1 fully integrates all the features from the award winning BEA Workshop Studio, introducing lots of new features.

Tom 2.5 Released: matches pattern in Java

Tom is a text processor that translates classes with some special syntax into Java, and integrates pattern matching and rule based programming facilities. It is mainly suited for programming various transformations on trees/terms and XML based documents. Tom compiler is mature enough to be used for large scale developments and applications, and integrating Tom in any existing application is traight forward, as Tom produces Java source code.

HDIV 1.3 Released: Struts 2 Security Plugin

HDIV 1.3 has just been released including Struts 2 support. HDIV is an open-source project that extends Struts (Struts 1.x and Struts 2) behavior by adding web application level Security functionalities (Integrity, Confidentiality of non editable data and Generic Apache

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