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Web Service Components

WSDL is consequent from SOAP of Microsoft and NASSL (Network Accessible Service Specification Language) of IBM. WSDL has replaced Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and IBM’s (NASSL) both for describing business services in the UDDI registry. To check the available function on server, a client program can read the WSDL connected with Internet.


Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) is a platform-independent, XML-based directory for storing information about web services and for businesses worldwide to list themselves on the Internet. UDDI uses WSDL to describe interface to web services that communicates through SOAP. It is also used for discovering the business or industry of all size.

Earlier, before the evaluation of UDDI, it was not possible to reach their customers and partners and their products to buy or sale on the Internet. It was written in August 2000 and was introduced in the public as a beta version in November 2000. Microsoft, IBM, and Ariba spearheaded have jointly founded UDDI. UDDI was originally proposed as a core Web service standard and later integrated into the Web Services Interoperability (WS-I) standard as a central pillar of web services infrastructure.

UDDI can define how to enable commerce for the desired business. It is also used for getting new customers, enhancing the navigation of current customers, extending offerings and expanding market reach, solving customer related problems and illustrating the services and business processes programmatically in a single, open, and secure environment.

A UDDI business consists of three components: White pages, Yellow Pages and Green Pages. White pages are contains address, contact, and known identifiers, Yellow pages are known for industrial categorizations based on standard taxonomies and green pages reflect technical information about services exposed by the business.

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