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05 An introduction to Web Services| Web services are web-based application that translates your application into browser-based application using XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.
06 Why and how to use Web Services|Web services have the tendency of higher Interoperability that means web services allows the companies to communicate each other on the basis of business.
08 Role of XML in Web Services |Because of its innovative characteristics, web services are called the nexgen (next generation) web technology. For developing any application or website, the programmers have to create lots of coding, generates many files which produces difficulties in handling those data if it is done manually.
09 Web Services Components | Web service has three main components: Soap, WSDL and UDDI.
11 Web Service Frameworks |There are many frameworks for web services. Here is the list of some frameworks available:
12 Web Service Protocols | Here is the list of some protocols used for Web Services:
13 What is Axis2? |Axis2 is Apache’s Web services framework with two implementations Apache Axis2/Java and Apache Axis2/C. As discussed earlier Web services are very good means of inter application communication.
14 Installing Axis2 | Download “” (Standard Binary Distribution) from to
15 Developing Simple Web Service Example: Hello World Web Service |In this section, we will learn developing web services with Axis2 by an easy example “HelloWorldService” and deploying it on the tomcat web server.
20 Web Services benefits | Exposing the function on to network: A Web service can be remotely invoked using HTTP. So, Web Services allows you to expose the functionality of your existing code over the network.
22 Deploy Web services in Apache Geronimo | Deciding on an application server to support your Web services development efforts? Meet the Apache Geronimo application server, one of the latest projects from the Apache Software Foundation.
28 Create collaborative and dynamic method content using Web 2.0 | IT practitioners commonly use software development methodologies, such as the IBM® Rational® Unified Process (RUP®). Methods like this can be applied across a variety of software development disciplines and industry verticals.
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