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Why to use Web Services

Why to use Web Services


Web services have the tendency of higher Interoperability that means web services allows the companies to communicate each other on the basis of business. Technically sound users will find a way to access the desired information, which was not early so easy. For accessing data in the missing web services, users would need to resort the methods.


The system of web services is so simple that even non-programmers can assemble web servicebased
integration solutions through using the integration platform tools. Besides these, the portal’s application server can easily devour SOAP messages. This made the integration easier, faster, and cheaper.


After making the connection and exposing the web service, it becomes easy to connect to other applications.

Cost Effective

Web services are cost effective and can help to manage costs. It integrates easily with other companies and also permits to measure your business. Web application also provides the services like language interpreter, currency converter and in weather reports.

How to use?

Due to inbuilt with a set of tools web services can be used several means but the three most common styles of use are RPC, SOA and REST.

Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is a protocol, which a program from one computer can use to request any service to another program of different computer system. The program performs the request within the network without assessing the network detail.

RPC uses the client/server model in which, the requesting program is known as a client model and the service-providing program is known as the server. RPC is a synchronous operation functions like a regular or local call. It runs successfully when its requesting program is on halt until the results of the remote procedure are returned. In spite of this, lightweight processes or threads, which shares the same address space performs multiple RPCs operations concurrently. The Basic unit of RPC Web Service is the WSDL operation.

Remote Procedure Call compiles into an executable program when a program statements uses it. During compilation, a stub is attached in compilation code, which acts as the representatives of the remote procedure code. When the program runs and issues the procedure call, the stub receives the request and forwards it to a client runtime program in the local computer.

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