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May 2008 Volume I Issue VII

" Learning new technologies demands individuals to work together to construct shared understandings and knowledge. "

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Dear Readers,

We are back here with the May 2008 special issue of Java Jazz-up. This current May edition is designed as ‘Web Services’ special issue. From the last issue we decided to release our magazine as special issue on a single technology. Our last issue was designed as ‘Ajax’ special issue. The issue really proved very popular and valuable among our readers. We hope the issue will be more popular and valuable for all readers.

Web Service is one of the most popular and useful techniques in the landscape of software development. Web Services allows different applications to talk to each other and share data and services among them.

Other applications can also use the services of the web services. For example VB or .NET application can talk to java web services and vice versa. So, Web services are used to make the application platform and technology independent. In the issue, our readers will learn reating and deploying our own web services with xis2, Apache’s Web services framework.

In addition as per the growing popularity of Web Services we have included two relevant tutorials on Web Services published in IBM developerWorks with consent. We are thankful to the team of IBM for granting permission regarding the same.

To make it interesting for readers we have categorized each section with different colors and images that would certainly lure readers while reading technological stuffs. We are providing it in PDF format that you can view and even download it as a whole or a part. This PDF version provides you a different experience.

Please send us your valuable feedback about this issue and participate in the reader’s forum with your problems and issues concerned with the topics you want us to include in our next issues.

Deepak Kumar
Java Jazz up

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