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Wiki implementation

This wiki site contains the following two areas.

Collaborative content area

The first area contains current information on service identification tool offerings to make the activity more consistent and streamlined. Because this is a collaborative area, the SOA architect is encouraged to edit these instructions to keep them up to date and to provide the latest field-based development thinking around these tools.

Dynamic content area

The second area of the wiki Web site provides dynamic content relevant to the architect for this particular extension point in the form of Web feeds. In the case of the service identification extension, the area is populated by dynamic content around service identification. This dynamic information is filtered based on a set of unique tags associated with this particular extension point (for example, tags for a service modeling activity might be: services modeling and service-modeling). Such syndicated dynamic content includes:

  • Social bookmarks and subject matter experts of service identification (including their instant messaging status).
  • Reusable assets from an asset repository (including documentation patterns and even tooling for services identification).
  • Media-rich content (including technical presentations, movies, or podcasts).
  • Educational content (including blogs, course material, other reading material, and IBM Redbooks®).
  • Activities that the architect needs to follow to complete the extension point around service identification successfully.

This is made possible by being able to embed all of this dynamic content in a wiki with syndicated Web feeds formatted as RSS or Atom. Each of the dynamic items above has its own Web feed, and these feeds are aggregated to provide all of the dynamic content. This is already possible, and by standardizing on Web 2.0 technology and tags, for example, all service identification-related content checked into an asset repository are tags with the service identification and dynamic-method keyword. After an item is checked into the Web feed-enabled asset repository with these keywords, the Web feed provided by the asset repository is automatically updated. As the extension page is refreshed for the service identification extension point, the updated content is now available to the method practitioner (architect). This can also be done with all of the content for the other dynamic feeds.

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