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Deploy Web services in Apache Geronimo

Figure 1: Execution of searchAmazon.jsp

You have now successfully deployed your first Web services consumer in Geronimo.

Standard J2EE Web services

The example in this article is simple, but it has shown that Geronimo supports standard J2EE Web services. As an exercise in using Web services, you can try out other options available in AWS. For example, change the ISBN search to be a title or author search. Then, from the Web service results, figure out how to display a URL that links to, and show an image of the book. Another interesting exercise is to use other J2EE technologies along with Apache Axis to consume Web services, and then deploy them in Geronimo. For example, replace the Plain Old Java Object (POJO) with a stateless session Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) component, and then deploy it in Geronimo.

You can take any Web service from webMethods or the Google Web services as an example. If you apply the same steps described in this article, you can quickly deploy a consumer to these Web services in Geronimo.

Now that you've met Geronimo and seen its Web services capabilities, you should be ready to get started using the Geronimo application server in your Web services development efforts.

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