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Web Services benefits

Web Services benefits:

Here are the benefits of using Web Services:

1. Exposing the function on to network: A Web service can be remotely invoked using HTTP. So, Web Services allows you to expose the functionality of your existing code over the network. Once it is exposed on the network, other application can use the functionality of your program.

2. Connecting Different Applications: Web Services allows different applications to talk to each other and share data and services among them. Other applications can also use the services of the web services. For example VB or .NET application can talk to java web services and vice versa. So, Web services are used to make the application platform and technology independent.

3. Ease of integration: One of the major benefits is Web services’ ease of integration. You will easily integrate your application with other pieces of software application i.e. with external data sources. You can run it on all kinds of machines from desktop to mainframe and from within your enterprise to external sites i.e. Web services link applications, services, and devices together.

4. Standardized Protocol: Web Services uses standardized industry standard protocol for the communication. All the four layers (Service Transport, XML Messaging, Service Description and Service Discovery layers) use the well defined protocol in the Web Services protocol stack. This standardization of protocol stack gives the business many advantages like wide range of choices, reduction in the cost due to competition and increase in the quality.

5. Low Cost of communication: Web Services use SOAP over HTTP protocol for the communication, so you can use your existing low cost internet for implementing Web Services. This solution is much less costly compared to proprietary solutions like EDI/B2B.

6. Support for Other communication means: Beside SOAP over HTTP, Web Services can also be implemented on other reliable transport mechanisms. So, it gives flexibility use the communication means of your requirement and choice. For example Web Services can also be implemented using ftp protocol (Web services over FTP).

7. Loosely Coupled Applications: Web Services are self-describing software modules, which encapsulates discrete functionality. Web Services are accessible via standard Internet communication
protocols like XML and SOAP. These Web Services can be developed in any technologies (like c++, Java, .NET, PHP, Perl etc.) and any application or Web Services can access these services. So, the Web Services are loosely coupled application and can be used by applications developed in any technologies. For example, I have heard of people developing Web Services using Java technologies and using the Web Services in VB or .NET applications.

8. Web Services Sharing: These days due to complexness the business, organizations are using different technologies like EAI, EDI, B2B, Portals etc. for distributing computing. Web Services supports all these technologies, thus helping the business to use existing investments in other technologies.

9. Web Services are Self-Describing: Web Services are self-describing applications, which reduces the software development time. This helps the other business partners to quickly develop application and start doing business. This helps business to save time and money by cutting development time.

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