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Role of XML in Web Services

Because of its innovative characteristics, web services are called the nexgen (next generation) web technology. For developing any application or website, the programmers have to create lots of coding, generates many files which produces difficulties in handling those data if it is done manually. The developers have to categorise those data according to its category like data for users, data for administrators, data for login and data for device etc. These functions consume lots of time and manpower and resulting the losses in the productivity.

eXtensible markup language Solve the such problems by enabling the developers to assign data to be exchanged between PCs, smart devices, applications, and Web sites. An arranged and clustered data according to format and style definitions can be easily organized, programmed, edited, and exchanged between any Web sites, applications, and devices.

XML makes communication between two or more applications, similar like users communicate to applications. XML convene this facility and developers can call web services from JavaScript.

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