Quick Review:JavaFX
JavaFX Produts (Implementation)

JavaFX is a technology for developing Rich Internet Content Application basically targeted to the Web Developers and Designers. Sun Microsystems has released two components of JavaFX, viz., JavaFX Scripts and JavaFX Mobile at the recent JavaOne Conference. This is only an alpha release and the Beta release is said to come into existence in the Fall 2008 whether the date for the General Final Release of the produts is yet to be announced.

JavaFX Scripts:

JavaFX Script is said to be more productive and easier than Java. But it has a close integration with the other components of Java too which will enable the developers to bring the best features of Java come into play. The applications created in JavaFX Script runs on devices powered by Java.

Sun’s executive vice-president of software Rich Green said that the product recently announced is for the use of consumers and individuals but not for the enterprises. He also added that the power of JavaFX script to build rich content application will bring more number of people in the scenario being attracted towards the Java Platform.

JavaFX is basically created to assist the web designers and content authors in developing user interfaces rich in graphics. This simple and easy-to-learn declarative scripting language allows the content authors to build the applications in a format which looks like the actual layout of the graphical user interfaces. To create complex and more powerful applications easily and quickly the experienced and expert programmers can find this technology a handful one.

JavaFX Mobile:

In today’s world, the mobile technology is fast growing and delivering good quality services to consumers by bringing more and more facilities to be incorporated with. Recent rapid technological development has brought the features of accessed rich internet application to the mobile users. With the use of such applications consumers can download the internet contents to their desktops and mobiles. Sun Microsystems has stepped into this space with aim to bring enhancements to the developers of such applications to allow them to create useful and dynamic graphical user interfaces across a wide range of mobile devices. JavaFX mobile is based on the Java ME platform to empower the developers with the facilities in context with the market deriven strategies.

JavaFX mobile was originally designed and developed by SavaJe technologies. It was purchased by later by Sun in April 2007. It is a powerful technology assisted by Java platform and flexible across a wide variety of mobile devices. JavaFX mobile applications run on all mobile devices powered by Java. JavaFX is a kind of operating system featuring Java ME implementation which runs on the top of a Linux Kernel. It is providing a platform for devices like smartphones and PDAs. Via OEM (Original Equipement Manufaturer) licenses provided by the Sun Microsystems the JavaFX mobile is available to the enterprises.

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