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JavaFX mobile is invented by Sun as an operating system based on Java technologies and Open Source Linux Platform. It is intented to provide mobile users the best features of today’s multimedia applications. JavaFX Mobile Technology will enable the manufacturers of mobile devices to create rich internet applications in context of mainly video and multimedia. Now users of such applications can enjoy the freedom of downloading the rich internet contents on all type of devices like desktop browsers, mobile handsets and even TV and other devices in future. Java brings the best use of its technological advantages and features thus by making the development of Graphical User Interfaces easier and faster than ever over allmost all the platforms. JavaFX mobile applications will run ideally on all sort of platform and devices based and built on the Java technology. JavaFX Mobile is said to be available in the market in the next year by Sun officials. The distribution of JavaFX mobile will be delivered by selling out OEM licences to the manufacturers.

However, JavaFX mobile was first introduced by SavaJe Technologies. Sun purchased it from SavaJe in April 2007. Although it has been said that JavaFX mobile applications can be run on all platforms still cloud of uncertainties is floating over the secnario as the demonstartion of the technology at the recent JavaOne conference held showed by the Sun officials revealed that it requires a predefined multitasking kernel underneath. The demonstration was carried out on devices like Nokia N800 Internet Tablet and SavaJe Jasper phone based on Linux Platform. Therefore, a thin line of doubtness still hitting the mind of the experts if this JavaFX applications will be supported by all kind of embedded platforms or it will run only on top of a Linux kernel.

But according to the official report apart from some low-level services this Linux based application will be supported by all platforms powered by Java. Uses of JavaFX Script in building the applications will make the JavaFX mobile technology highly portable through all kind of devices incorporating all desktop browsers and web applications. The “Write Once, Run Anywhere” feature of Java is bringing all possible enhancements in the further open source development of the technology.

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