Quick Review:JavaFX
Competition between adobe, Microsoft and Sun Microsystem

The most important factor in the success of any of the three technologies lies in the release of the
final general product into the market prior to that of the other two. Flex, Silverlight and JavaFX is hitting the industry at the same time thus creating more competition among themselves. All the three Corporate houses Adobe, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems are trying their best bring their products earlier into the market. While the perspective of all of them is much similar, i.e, to provide designers, developers and users with more rich and powerful internet content creation application, their approaches in achieving the goal in terms of technology make all the things turn around.

Although it is so early to tell which will have the advantage over the other two tehnologies.

There are two main camps in the software development in today’s world, viz, one using the Microsoft’s NET framework and the other using Sun Microsystem’s Java-based technology. Most of the large organizations tend skewed more heavily toward Java and J2EE frameworks. Though large organizations also use .NET framework, it is more widely used in the small organizations only. In this regard, JavaFX may enjoy advantage over Silverlight. But more effectively, actual pressure revolves round the factor of delivering quality products in a reduced or accelerated timeframe. Working within a specified budget limit is also a definite key factor. This kind of pressure situations has led the organizations a fundamental shift in power. Now most of the power houses are making their product open source to enhance its quality and thus by securing the integrity of such products.

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