Quick Review:JavaFX
Introduction to JavaFX Technology

JavaFX is the latest innovation in the World of Java-based technology. This special issue of this Java Magazine is intented to provide readers knowledge on almost every aspect of JavaFX Technology. JavaFX is a family of products developed by Sun Microsystems for creating Rich Internet Applications(RIA). It is intended to enhance the content authors. With the use of this technology web designers can develop of rich interactive applications with more compelling media contents than ever before. JavaFX is to be used for desktop and mobile devices, TV and for other related platforms too. It is believed to bring accuracy in RIA designs incorporating a wide range of devices and screens. JavaFX technology is targeted towards a large number of mass basically nonprogrammers or users for developing or using their applications.

This latest java framework was released by Sun Microsystems in the Spring 2007. It mainly comprises of two components: JavaFX Scripting Language and JavaFX Mobile. The general product release is yet to come into the market. JavaFX script is a declarative scripting language intended to give web developers a boost to develop user interfaces with 2D & 3D graphics animations, audio & video. It has a high degree of interactivity with Java Classes.

The second component of JavaFX framework is JavaFX Mobile. It is a complete software solution for mobile devices. JavaFX Mobile is an Java based operating system for mobile devices. It was originally developed by SavaJe Technologies. Sun Microsystems purchased it from Savaje technologies in April 2007. JavaFX Mobile is featured by a Java SE (Standard Edition) and Java ME (Mobile Edition) implementation running on top of a Linux kernel.

JavaFX Platform:

The JavaFX platform is a runtime dealing with a wide range of devices intended to enhance rich client capability. The JavaFX runtimes include-

  • JavaFX Desktop- This is for the use in desktop browsers and to develop desktop applications. It is said to be available in the Fall 2008.
  • JavaFX mobile- It will be available by Spring 2009. It is meant for the mobile devices that runs on the Java-based technology.
  • JavaFX TV- It is for the application running on the TV platform. It will be made available to the consumers by early 2010.
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