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05 Introduction to JavaFX Technology| JavaFX is the latest innovation in the World of Javabased technology. This special issue of this Java Magazine is intented to provide readers knowledge on almost every aspect of JavaFX Technology.
07 Releases of JavaFX |On July 31, 2008 the Sun officials announced the availability of the JavaFX Preview Release. This JavaFX Preview Release introduce web designers and Java developers with a preview of the runtime and tools with the help of which they can develop and deploy Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on the Java platform.
09 Features and Benefits |JavaFX provides the web designers a high declarative scripting language called JavaFX Script, for creating and developing rich Internet applications basically for desktop browsers and mobile devices.
10 JavaFX Produts (Implementation) | JavaFX is a technology for developing Rich Internet Content Application basically targeted to the Web Developers and Designers.
11 JavaFX Scripts |The new JavaFX Scripting language invented by Sun Microsystems is an output of its F3 Project. With the introduction of this special declarative language Sun actually announces its footstep towards entering the RIA market with a definitive goal in making user interface development scenario to be featured by powerful visual impact in graphical context.
12 JavaFX Mobile | JavaFX mobile is invented by Sun as an operating system based on Java technologies and Open Source Linux Platform.
13 Competition between adobe, Microsoft and Sun Microsystem | Sun Microsystems has invented the JavaFX technology to emerge into the field of creating Rich Internet Application. Java can be a formidable player in this regard with this family of product which covers Java Development from the desktop to the web to mobile devices.
15 System Requirements | We are using “NetBeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX” and Java SE 6 Development Kit (JDK) to develop the examples.
16 Software Needed | When you’re writing a Java Once you have downloaded the required software, the next step is to install it on your development box. First install JDK and configure it on the development box.
17 Introduction to JavaFX API | JavaFX provides common APIs and device specific APIs. JavaFX common APIs provides common functionalities across all the devices and device specific APIs are helpful to provide device specific functionalities.
18 Creating User Interfaces in JavaFX | JavaFX SDK Runtime provides libraries and classes for JavaFX platform to create rich application interfaces. Developers, designers and GUI architects can create user interfaces easily for Rich Internet Applications.
19 Working with JavaFX Classes and Objects | Here we will have a look over some programming facts before going to develop our JavaFX script applications. This will help you understand how the JavaFX script programming works.
29 Developing “Hello World Example” in JavaFX | here are the step-by-step procedure to create first “Hello World” example.
32 Advanced Examples to JavaFX | After developing Hello application, we are now going to create some more examples having different features.
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