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Releases of JavaFX

On July 31, 2008 the Sun officials announced the availability of the JavaFX Preview Release. This JavaFX Preview Release introduce web designers and Java developers with a preview of the runtime and tools with the help of which they can develop and deploy Rich Internet Applications (RIA) on the Java platform. It is available at The web developers can download the JavaFX Preview release, they can develop their applications using JavaFX scripts to have an insight into the new technology and deliver their feedback.


The JavaFX Software Develpment Kit (SDK) is basically meant for the web designers and developers. They can create rich internet applications for desktop and browsers using it. A Preview Version of the JavaFX SDK is already available for download. The components of JavaFX SDK are-

  • JavaFX Preview SDK- It includes the JavaFX compiler and runtime tools, with 2D graphics and media libraries.
  • Netbeans IDE 6.1 with JavaFX- It provides a mean to the developers to create and debug JavaFX pplications.
  • Project Nile: It includes a set of Plugins for Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator from which he graphical features can be exported to JavaFX aplplications.
  • Java Runtime Environment 6 Update 10 Beta Release- This is a version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE). It includes a Java browser plug-in that with the help of which users can drag and drop JavaFX applications from the browser to desktop.
The JavaFX Preview SDK is free and available under a 60 day evaluation license.

This release is only an alpha release as said by the Sun officials in the JavaOne conference. This is basically meant for individual use to help the users have a clear review of the new technology. It is not meant for development of commercial applications at time being. Beacause updation and changes are to be made in the later version according to the internal development in the company and as based on the customer feedback.

The Sun executives are planning to make the JavaFX open source which is in demand in today’s world of technology to make it more comprehensive and bring continuous development to the features of the technology. The features of JavaFX is meant for the enhancemant of the use of Java on small devices which was one of the main objectives at the time of the creation of the language.

OpenJavaFX Compiler Source Code released by Sun Microsystems:

Though from the time of announcement of JavaFX, Sun Microsystems has been quiet about the new technology, recently the company has released OpenJavaFX compiler. OpenJavaFX compiler source code is now available along with online demonstrations. JavaFX is intended to enhance the GUI Applications based on the Swing GUI toolkit for Java. The Beta Release of JavaFX is intended for release in the next JavaOne Conference. The now available code is only the early access code for individual developers which is called as Sub-Alpha code, as the Sun officials reported.

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