End users always look for an exciting and dynamic content on the web and expect a better interactive experience with web services. JavaFX helps in delivering visually compelling applications, such as maps and mashups, video, audio, and pictures, that is standardize across cell phones, TVs, and more.

Reduced Integration Costs with Expanded Opportunities:

Implementation of the majority of the solution in Java, including middleware and resident applications, JavaFX Mobile reduces integration costs, improves device software consistency, and enables device manufactures to provide new offerings with substantially faster time-to-market.

JavaFX Mobile Architecture:

JavaFX Mobile streamlines the environment and reduces reliance on underlying technologies by providing a complete middleware and application stack implemented in Java.

II. JavaFX Scripting Language

JavaFX Script is specifically designed to optimize the creative process of building rich and compelling UIs leveraging Java Swing, Java 2D and Java 3D for developers and content authors.

In layman style - JavaFX lets you enjoy a consistence user experience irrespective of whatever device you are currently online with, whether you are sitting in front of your desktop, whiling away commuting time with your PDAs, or relaxing at home.

JavaFX Script is a highly productive scripting language for content developers to create rich media and interactive content for deployment on Java environments. Since JavaFX Script is statically typed, it has the same code structuring, reuse, and encapsulation features that make it possible to create and maintain very large programs using Java technology. It gives Java developers the power to quickly create content-rich applications for the widest variety of clients, including mobile devices, settop boxes, desktops, even Blu-ray discs. Content creators now have a simple way to develop content for any Java Powered consumer device.


With JavaFX, the start-ups, enterprises and developers are free from issues like local installation and performance degradation, they can now quickly develop and deploy new secure services for a variety of clients. This is going to simplify the development of RIAs running across a range of platforms.

JavaFX technologies being built around open standards, offer consistency for apps and services across different platforms. Applications written with JavaFX Script have
WORA (write-once-run-anywhere) features and application security support with enterprise connectivity.
JavaFX Script is easier to understand and maintain, above all the structure of the written code closely matches the actual layout of the GUI. JavaFX Script enables rapid development of rich 2D interfaces in an easy fashion.

JavaFX Script offers an advantage of the Java security model so that the consumers can have a secure access to the assets (e.g., pictures, music files, word documents) on their desktop.

The write once, run anywhere portability of Java technology has helped to make it the world’s most widely deployed application platform.


  • JavaFX Script is going to work with all major IDEs, including NetBeans.
  • JavaFX Script is capable of supporting GUIs of any size or complexity
  • JavaFX Script makes it easier to use Swing, one of the best GUI development toolkits of its kind.
  • JavaFX Script uses a declarative syntax for specifying GUI components, so a developer’s code closely matches the actual layout of the GUI.
  • Through declarative data-binding and incremental evaluation, JavaFX Script enables developers to easily create and configure individual components by automatically synchronizing application data and GUI components.

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