Valued Java Jazz Up Readers Community

We invite you to post Java-technology oriented stuff. It would be our pleasure to give space to your posts in JavaJazzup.

Contribute to Reader’s Forum If there’s something you’re curious about, we’re confident that your curiosity, combined with the knowledge of other participants, will be enough to generate a useful and exciting Reader’s Forum. If there’s a topic you feel needs to be discussed at JavaJazzup, it’s up to you to get it discussed.

Convene a discussion on a specific subject

If you have a topic you’d like to talk about. Whether it’s something you think lots of people will be interested in, or a narrow topic only a few people may care about, your article will attract people interested in talking about it at the Reader’s Forum. If you like, you can prepare a really a good article to explain what you’re interested to tell java technocrates about.

Sharing Expertise on Java Technologies

If you’re a great expert on a subject in java, the years you spent developing that expertise and want to share it with others. If there’s something you’re an expert on that you think other technocrates might like to know about, we’d love to set you up in the Reader’s Forum and let people ask you questions.

Show your innovation

we invite people to demonstrate innovative ideas and projects. These can be online or technology-related innovations that would bring you a great appreciations and recognition among the java technocrates around the globe.


Hands-on technology demonstrations

some people are Internet experts.Some are barely familiar with the web. If you’d like to show others aroud some familiar sites and tools, that would be great. It would be our pleasure to give you a chance to provide your demonstrations on such issues : How to set up a blog, how to get your images onto Flickr, How to get your videos onto YouTube, demonstrations of P2P software, a tour of MySpace, a tour of Second Life. (Or let us know if there are other tools or technologies you think people should know about...)

Present a question, problem, or puzzle

we’re inviting people from lots of ifferent worlds. We do not expect everybody at Reader’s Forum to be an expert in some areas. Your expertise is a real resource you may contribute to the Java Jazzup. We want your curiosity to be a resource, too. You can also present a question, problem, or puzzle that revolves around java technologies along with their solution that you think would get really appreciated by the java reader’s around the globe.

Post resourceful URLs

if you think you know such URL links which can really help the reader’s to explore their java skills. Even you can post general URLs that you think would be really ppreciated by the reader’s community.

Anything else

if you have another idea for something you’d like to do, talk to us. If you want to do something that we haven’t thought of, have a crazy idea, we’d really love to hear about it. We’re open to all sorts of suggestions, especially if they promote reader’s participation.

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