Java ME
modular extensions of the platform allowing the vendors to differentiate themselves by producing innovative applications and incorporating value-added features. Java ME Platform, technology alone provides the true open solution for building secure mobile applications for the industry. It allows the portability of applications between the platforms and simultaneously keeps the investments to a minimum through the possibility of reuse. The increasing demands for capabilities and performance in the industry drives the continuous java platform evolution which is assured through the definition of the platform components and APIs in the Java Community Process. The community of developers creating applications for the Java ME platform is large and increasing at a good pace because it is open for everyone to use.

Quick Glance: Java ME Technology Ecosystem

Being open to all , Java ME assures the continuous improvement and availability of applications for different platforms which in turn drives business for everybody involved in the eco-system. This ecosystem is evolving around a number of different players in the industry, all of them participating in, and influencing, the continuous improvement of the technology and platform.

The end users are the drivers of the system who constantly demand new features and capabilities to enhance the prevailing services. This forces the content developers, OEMs and Carriers to work in sync and generate the best result to meet the demands.

The content developers adopt the user requirements and creates new appealing services with new capabilities.

The OEMs (i.e. Original equipment manufacturers) creates new capable devices to host the new services and features and also creates new demands by presenting new capabilities to the end users.
  Carriers create the mobile environment to host and deploy services on and also drives the exploration of new business-driving services to the end users. This constant evolution of demands and capabilities is the single most important reason for the success of the Java platform and ensures it will continue to evolve into the future needs of everyone nvolved in the eco-system.

Fig: Java ME Technology Ecosystem

Java ME platform consists of a number of specified components. It has been defined, and are continuously improved and developed, by the industry through the Java Community Process. This ensures the ongoing evolution and adoption of the platform by inviting all players in the industry to participate in the definition of the platform and its capabilities.

The Mobile & Embedded community site establishes a central location for the collaborative development of open source Java ME technologies and applications. Deployed in over 1.5 billion mobile and embedded devices, Java ME represents the ideal development platform for the creation and deployment of mobile data services. By open sourcing implementations of Java ME, Sun will enable the community to accelerate platform innovation, reduce development costs through the Java ME ecosystem, and, ultimately, drive a more consistent application platform.
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