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Community (online or in print) vice a company proprietary or government classified project.

Principle 5: - Java Champions are able to Evangelize or influence other developers through their own professional activities (Example: Consulting, University Professors, Book Authorship, etc.)

Nomination Process: How to be a part of Champions Team Participation is limited and only interested members are needed to apply to this Project.

When started the process (Jun ’06), Initially they looked around within the Java Community for leaders in the various parts of the Java Eco-System (like JUG leaders, authors, trainers, professors, researchers, etc.). From there the program grew into a “community nomination” process, which is unique, and have a real strength. The community itself nominates most nominees and selects the new Java Champions through a peer review process. The criteria used in the peer review have been listed above as the (5) Principles.

Currently, there are about 85 Java Champions around the world, with another 20 or so in the selection process queue. Once they get up to 100 or more then they will evaluate the issue like how many more would be appropriate for the program. The idea is always to build a community of Java Champions that reflects the top echelon of contributors to the Java Community.

HOW DO THEY NOMINATE A JAVA CHAMPION? - If someone influential (in their Java Community and/or is an advocate for the Java platform or Java tools) is known to you then please nominate him by sending an email to the Java Champions selection committee with the following information:

The candidate’s contributions to the Java Community must be available to its members either online or in readily available print media. Proprietary or government classified projects while innovative are not available to general public. Nomination MUST cite specific examples (URLS, book names, presentations, etc) of the

**candidate’s direct contributions
** in order for them to be considered by the selection committee.


email address:  
Category of advocate: [Java Engineer/Architect, Author, Professor/Instructor, Consultant, Trainer, Other community member]:  
Reason for nomination: Please see Java Champion (5) Principles. Also, please include any URL links to the person’s online bio (if they have one), blog, published material, JUG groupthey belong to, etc. and 1-2 sentences on why this person would be a good addition to our community)
Nominations can be sent via email Java Champions “at”

Sun’s goal for the Java Champions project is to build a community of representative Java leaders with whom Sun could have conversations with about the state of the Java Platform. Sun Microsystems sponsors this project through certain administative functions, but the community is free to elect its own members. Sun’s engineers are also articipating in dialogues with the Java Champions through the project’s private mailing lists.
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