Oct 2007 Volume I Issue IV

" Just don’t do because others are doing,Give it a thought….
Still circumstances want you to do the same
Just explore a smarter way to get the deeds
in perfection"

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JavaJazzUp Team


Deepak Kumar


Ravi Kant


Sr. Graphics Designer

Suman Saurabh

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Amardeep Patel
Santosh Kumar

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Dear Readers,

We are here again with the fourth issue of Java Jazz-up. The current edition highlights the interesting Java technologies in form of articles developed by the Java Jazz-up Developer’s Team. This issue reflects our consistent attempts to avail the quality technological updates that enforce the readers to appreciate a lot and be a part of its Readers Community.

With this issue, we have begun few of the new sections like Editorial Choice, Java ME and Know The Champions. The Editorial Choice section highlights the editor’s viewpoint orienting around the java innovations in diverse spheres of human interest. This section talks high of JavaFX Technology and tries to avail its features which aims to provide a consistent user experience across a wide variety of devices including desktops (as applets and stand-alone clients), set-top boxes, mobile devices and Blu-Ray players.

Java ME section highlights the role of java in the development of softwares for small, resource-constrained devices such as cell phones, PDAs and set-top boxes.

Next, newer section is “Know The Champions” which highlights the “Java Champions program” sponsored by Sun Microsystems. This program is an effort to recognize leaders in the Java Community and invite them to participate in the development of the Java platform in collaboration with Sun engineers and Java Luminaries.

Set of articles discussing technologies like Maven2, Design patterns, JSF Tags, web services, spring framework etc. are provided in such a manner that even a novice learns and implements the concepts in a easy manner.

Java News and Updates section provides the latest things going around the globe that makes the readers aware of the java-technological advancements. In this section you will know about the new features introduced in the existing tools, utilities, application servers, IDEs, along with the Java API updates.

To make it interesting for readers we have categorized each section with different colors with images that lure readers while reading technological stuffs. We are providing it in a PDF format that you can view and even download it as a whole and get its hard copy.

Please send us your feedback about this issue and participate in the Reader’s Forum with your problems, issues concerned with the topics you want us to include in our next issues.

Deepak Kumar
Java Jazz up

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